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  Plan. Predict. Profit.

Optimising your Future

Who we support


Feel secure in your investments with live updates, expenditure predictions and more.


Save time, stress and money with optimised task, material and workforce management. 


Stay ahead of the curve with cohesive order plans and a supplier bidding portal.


Automate your invoices, manage your workforce, track your tools and so much more, all from your phone.


See your tasks, track your tools and never worry about finding materials again.

Our Vision

Shaping the Industry

We offer construction management software to clients in the build-to-rent market, organising and optimising every stage of the process from idea to rental.

Our platform streamlines the construction process and boosts profits with as little effort from our customers as possible, by assigning customers a dedicated solutions architect they can see immediate results without having to hire or train an in-house specialist.


Tech Innovation

Unleashing Potential

At SiteAI, we envision our technology revolutionizing the construction sector. Despite being in the early stages, each product we create embodies expertise, dedication, and a bold approach. Delve deeper into the advanced technology driving our successful Software Startup.

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